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Welcome Anglers from California to Maine. You have reached

Your Number 1 Fishing Guide and resource for fishing locations, hot spots, and equipment with the modern fisherman in mind. Find out what is happening in the angler community where you live. Luckily, there are plenty of fish in the sea to go around, so find out where to fish, what to fish, and how to fish today! Enter our massive library of lakes and streams. There is plenty to go around.

Comment on any of our lakes and be automatically entered in our annual drawing to win Rod's, Reels, and more! Be sure to include a valid email address.

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Now Featuring over 300,000 Lakes, Ponds, Rivers, Streams and Reservoirs!

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State Fishing Information and Licensing

From Coast to coast, find information on current fishing laws, state fishing records, what is going on in your area, and sites to avoid. See who is pulling in what.

From professional fly fisherman to weekend angler dads, you can find stories from the wise, and learn from their mistakes as well as their successes. Visit your state page and find out anything about fishing in your state. We now have information on many lakes in your area, where you live in Texas, Oklahoma, New York, or Oregon.

Choose your state here:   

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Find Fishing Hotspots Where you Live

Can you locate that sweet spot? If you are planning a "fishing outing" in the near future, find what is hot and hitting hard.

See what is biting from Trout Lake, Colorado to Seneca Lake, New York. Start your research on your next fishing trip today under your state Hotspot!.

Choose your state here:  

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Kids Certificate
Print a Free Professional Style Kids Certificate for your little one!

For many kids, trying something new the first couple of times may determine whether they enjoy that activity for their entire life. If you provide a fun experience the first few times, the chances are they will be 'hooked' for good. It is important to get it right the first time. When the student has fished their favorite spot, they can now print out a certificate of accomplishment. Navigate to your favorite lake or stream and print out a kids certificate for them to put on their wall.

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Find Any Coast or Mountain in North America!

Visit North American Coast, featuring over 40,000 beaches, coves, bays and more with detailed information about the area. Visit North American Mountain to find any mountain in North America.

Weather for any Lake, Pond or Reservoir!

Be sure to visit to find out the weather at virtually any lake, pond or reservoir in the United States. Whether you are planning that college party, boating extravaganza, or fishing trip with your son or daughter, you will need to know what kind of weather to expect. Plan ahead!

Find the Location for any Lake, Pond or Reservoir!

Be sure to visit to find any lake, pond or reservoir in the United States. If you are looking for a location, you cant lose by visiting the Ultimate Lake, Pond, and Reservoir finder.

Buy your Fishing License Online!

Do not want to leave the house before your next fishing derby? You can begin by buying your fishing license online (in most states). Or find out where you can purchase your fishing tag and what local bait shops provide this service. Buy your fishing license online.

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Catfish Fishing Secret!

Catch Catfish quicker than ever before. See here

Fishing HookLatest Story Posted - Pamela Roop- Bear Creek Reservoir, Virginia
Comment:We (myself, husband, granddaughter and grandsons fish there often. Wonderful location for us. Easy to fish from the banks or our small boat. - View All
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The Fisherman on Location

Watch the latest videos of exciting catches, and a little humerous overtone captured by anglers across the world. Watch as Bill Dance Dances with a Tree Snake or see an enormous Catfish pulled in hook and line.
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The Language of the Modern Fisherman
You can walk the walk, can you talk the talk? Even if you dont know what your doing, at least act like you do. Dont be verbally beat up on the lake. Learn how to talk like a fisherman, and get rid of that Walmart or Target Fishing and Tackle-Box Set. Sure, go ahead and purchase your fishing license at Walmart, but leave the gear to the big boys. We'll have you at least looking and talking like a real fisherman in no time. Coming Soon!

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