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The Evening Secret - Want to MORE THAN DOUBLE your catches instantly…100% Guaranteed?"Amazing 'Evening Fishing Secret' Discovered By 31 Year-Old California Surfer Dude Will MORE THAN DOUBLE Your Catches On Your Very First Try…At Your Favorite Spot…Without Any Special Bait...You'll Attract Swarms Of Thrashing, Blood-Thirsty Game Fish… As You Witness an All-Out Feeding Frenzy! This secret fishing 'weapon' was used quietly by a small group of professional fisherman way back in 1947. It has never been available to the public. Now, for the first time ever, it's available to YOU. Why? Because I know the old man who invented it and we hammered out an exclusive deal that's good for a limited time. WARNING: It is currently BANNED in two U.S. states…See here!


Bass Fishing Secrets - Finally, the "Bass fishing secret weapon" from 1947 has been re-discovered and revealed to the public - for the first time...How The Shocking Discovery Of A Long-Lost Bass Fishing "Secret Weapon" From 1947 Will Send Swarms Of Blood-Thirsty Bass To Your Spot So You Can Double Your Catches, Guaranteed! "So Powerful It Was Banned In 2 States!" 100% Guaranteed To Double Your Catches! See here!

Catfish Fishing Weapon - "The biggest channel catfish I have ever caught before was 4 pounds. A week after I started using your secret weapon, I had destroyed that record 8 different times! I hauled in "record breakers" of 7 pounds, 15 pounds 2 oz, 5 pounds, 9.5 pounds, 15 pounds 13 oz, and 8.5 pounds. Plus, I broke my all time personal best for any species of catfish by hauling in a 40 pound 10 oz monster!

The area that I fish in is supposedly "fished out" because everybody complains they can't catch anything. In this same water, in a period of 7 days, I caught 24 channel catfish, 1 blue catfish, 6 blue gill over 1 pound (and hundreds of smaller blue gills for bait), 30 crappie, and 1 bass.

The Catfishing Secret Weapon has made an amazing impact on the number and size of catfish I am catching. It attracts swarms of minnows, shad, and blue gill - which brings dozens of catfish into the area. The size of the fish I am catching are huge compared to everyone else (who are either getting "shut out" or wasting time catching blue catfish under 2 pounds). Check out the enclosed pictures as proof."

Thank you so much!Dan Watkins
Cowgill, Missouri - See your own results!

Crappie Fishing Secrets - I tried the Crappie Secret this weekend for the first time on Pymatuning Lake which is located in Northwestern Pennsylvania. Everything went exactly as your articles said it would. I started fishing around 11:00 P.M. and put it in the water. Within 5 minutes, small shad showed up and congregated around.

Within an hour, there were hundreds of mixed size shad making counterclockwise rotations around the spot. The schooling shad kept getting thicker and thicker. I started fishing immediately after I turned it on and fishing was slow for the first ten minutes but as the shad schools kept getting thicker, the crappie moved in and I kept catching fish as fast as I could get a minnow on my hook.

I was using a crappie rig with two hooks and I caught quite a few "double headers". My fishing trip lasted for about three hours and I caught the biggest stringer of crappie that I ever caught. I can't wait until my next outing!" George Dowling.
Gibsonia, PA - Check it out now!

Walleye Fishing Secret - "The guys can't believe it when I plug it in... it takes about maybe 5 minutes before the zooplankton starts drawing in and then shortly after that we'll get some fry, and then we'll start getting some larger minnows, and then we'll get some of the bigger shad - within about 15 - 20 minutes we'll have fish everywhere. We very seldom drop it down far, and we always hook fish below all of the activity.The boat does not leave the condo without it... guaranteed."

Bill Reese
Phoenix, Arizona - Dont wait on this one!




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